Math/Algebra Problems



One of my favorite programming tools is working with graphics using HTML5 canvas.
Here you're going to find various levels of math and algebra problems, that will randomly change their values each time you access them.
After you prepare your answer then you'll be able to see the solution, and also see a walk-thru of one way to reach that solution on the more difficult problems.
I'll start out with very basic area problems, and from there go to more complex problems involving more than just several steps to solve.
Comments of course will be appreciated. My email is shown below, and you're welcome as I create and develop the programs,
to give feedback on your use of the programs.

Another program example for area of a parallelogram.

Find the area of a trapezoid, given the length of the two bases and the height.

Problems with circles and isosceles triangles

Another right triangle problem.

Find the green area of a square, outside the red circle that touches the four sides of the square.

Find the time at which two cars traveling toward each other will meet.

Another cylinder surface area problem.

Finding the value of one unknown in equations.

Finding the slope of a line.
Slope Problems