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Lake life is nice.
But it's also nice to visit other places and people.
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Life in the slow lane...

As I said, we live on the edge of a lake. Several logs provide a meeting place for various critters.
If you're a developer, consider adding some logs, chained down to various spots in your lake.
(The locals in the area will thank you.)
The builders of this man-made lake put some large logs way out in the middle and cemented them down,
where cormorants daily sit and fan their wings.

One of the logs near the shore, which has grass, etc. growing on it, is used daily by a blue heron.
It's his spot, and occasionally he will ram his beak into the water to spear a fish or two for dinner.

Now this fellow here used to wander the area in front of our yard before other houses
moved in and ruined the neighborhood (as far as he was concerned.)
Now he's part of two flocks of 6 to 8 wild turkeys each, that claim the lowlands over our fence to the west of our house.

(Now how'd we get here?)

Okay, now that we've got you stopped and have your attention . . .

(This is one of the photos I've taken from Yellowstone.)


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